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“In February 2010 Befaco was created as an open hardware platform focusing on professional DIY musical hardware, materialising our previous electronic, musical and artistic research.”

— José
Émilie Gillet

“Mutable Instruments are one of key companies in the modular synthesis world, creating unique and solid modules.”

— Émilie Gillet
Julia Bondar

“ENDORPHIN.ES | ɛnˈdɔː(r)fɪnz | is innovative brand specializing in breaking age musical technology - manufacturer of eurorack modular synthesizers - electronic musical instruments.”

— Julia Bondar
Joran van Gremberghe

“Driven by an unrelenting passion for analogue circuits, Joranalogue Audio Design offers a novel series of high-quality Eurorack music synthesiser modules. The utilitarian aesthetic envelops designs providing immense depth, versatility and precision.”

— Joran van Gremberghe

Customer reviews

Great to have such an amazing Eurorack shop in ANZ. Excellent prices and Robin is a legend - just ask and he can likely get you what you need. Orders to Australia are easy and beat going way too far overseas for gear. A+

Tom Cushing, Australia

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