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With over 100s of synthesizer brands on ModularGrid there is plenty of choice but sometimes you are just after one specific module.

Émilie Gillet

Mutable Instruments

Émilie Gillet started Mutable Instruments’ as product designer, hardware/software engineer, sales person, and customer support representative. Mutable Instruments are one of key companies in the modular synthesis world, creating unique and solid modules that people will remember as classics.

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Marcin Lojek

Xaoc Devices

Xaoc Devices is the premier electronic musical instruments manufacturer in Poland. Started as a logical progression of a genuine passion for modular synthesis, the company has evolved to reach the international boutique gear market, gaining the interest of synth enthusiasts and professionals.

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Joran van Gremberghe


Driven by an unrelenting passion for analogue circuits, Joranalogue Audio Design offers a novel series of high-quality Eurorack music synthesiser modules. The utilitarian aesthetic envelops designs providing immense depth, versatility and precision.

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Barcelona based studio


In February 2010 Befaco was created as an open hardware platform focusing on professional DIY musical hardware, materializing our previous electronic, musical and artistic research.

Their main activity has been developing and publishing our modular synthesizer system, nowadays migrated for compatibility to Eurorack format.

All this public research is published under CC-NC-SA License, so people can build all their designs during regular workshops in cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, London or Berlin or download the schematics, and technical assembly guides, to make their variations of the projects.

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Julia Bondar


ENDORPHIN.ES | ɛnˈdɔː(r)fɪnz  is innovative brand specializing in breaking age musical technology - manufacturer of eurorack modular synthesizers - electronic musical instruments.

It was founded in 2010 by Andreas Zhukovsky: engineer, designer, and hardware developer of all Endorphin.es products.

The company takes its beginning in Kyiv, Ukraine where Andreas was born. Having electronic music production skills and mathematical master background, since 2009 he started to sketch his own synth DIY designs in his 23 square meters flat.

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Juan Urquhart

Maneco Labs

Maneco Labs are musicians developing interesting looping pedals , drone pedals and their Eurorack versions from their lab in Uruguay. For musicians around the world.

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Tom Wojcicki

Serpens Modular

Serpens Modular are a Melbourne based Eurorack synthesizer module company started in 2017. Our goal is to provide high grade modules to the Australian and international markets with a strong focus on quality, aesthetics and functionality.

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Simone Fabbri

Frap Tools

Music plays a massive role in the life of every Frap Tools member. Being a musician, a performer, or an audio engineer, each of us constantly faces the need for specific tools to accomplish our tasks better: from such demands, the idea behind each of our products arises.

‘Frap Tools’ refers to craftsmanship. Our products are carefully assembled and tested one by one to guarantee the best quality possible. We are proud that these operations happen locally, even if sometimes certain specific components, such as exotic woods or electronic parts, are sourced abroad. For this reason, and also for more transparency, we chose to label our products as ‘Designed and Crafted in Italy’ instead of the more conventional (and often sadly abused) ‘Made in Italy’.

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Mark Verbos

Verbos Electronics

Verbos Electronics are a manufacturer of Eurorack format synthesizer modules designed by Mark Verbos. Mark Verbos is a music producer/engineer and music equipment technician with 20 years of experience. He is known to the synth community for his work with Buchla systems as well as custom modules for the Buchal format.

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Matthijs Munnik


Cosmotronic is a eurorack module manufacturer in The Hague, The Netherlands crafting high quality modular synths.

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Girts Ozolinš

Erica Synths

Erica Synths team of visionaries, engineers and musicians have been working hard to bring you modules and instruments that will set your modular system apart from mass in terms of how it sounds, looks and functions. Check them out and find what you are missing!

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Eric Schlappi

Schlappi Engineering

Schlappi Engineering designs experimental analog modules. The focus is on exploring sound in tactile ways and delving into unusual or extreme timbres and methods of making music.

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Thomas Fang

4MS Company

4ms Company's mission is to make music better by designing and building innovative musical instruments. They aim to inspire new ideas and change the way you create music.

Far from traditional instruments or clones of classic circuits, their devices include poly-rhythmic clock modules that create evolving complex mathematical beat patterns, resonator filters that cast pop music into micro-tonal keys, a chaos generator that confounds attempts to make the same sound twice, a morphing oscillator that can create wavetables from live audio, and many more innovative devices. All their designs are original, high-quality and tweaked to perfection.

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Tony Rolando

Make Noise

Make Noise was founded in 2008 by Tony Rolando, a self-taught electronic musical instrument designer who got started by obsessively reading amateur radio books at the public library, building electronics for artists, such as the light controlled mixer for Simon Lee's "Bus Obscura," working for Moog Music, and playing in bands for many years. After 3 years of isolation on a mountain top he founded Make Noise.

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Danjel van Tijn


A modular synthesizer manufacturer producing modules in the Eurorack format. They are based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Intellijel were one of the earliest manufacturers to produce shallow, skiff-friendly modules by using PCBs parallel to the front panel and small, surface mount components.

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Matthew Allum

ALM Busy Circuits

ALM / Busy Circuits, is a UK-based audio electronics company, that produces innovative, useful devices for working with sound. Our aim is to build products that foster creativity through engaging, playful experiences.

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