Torso Electronics

Torso Electronics creates music instruments for the future. They are a merry band of music technology hackers, artist engineers, and musicians with the aim of creating new ways of making music.

Something very fundamental is changing in the world of electronic music production. Modern music technology offers radical new production techniques that are transforming the creative process for good. They want to contribute to this change with instruments that keep your creativity intrigued, flowing, and intuitive.

At Torso Electronics, people are passionate about making complex and rich music-making processes accessible through intuitive interfaces that help you stay in the flow. Playfulness is the key word. We design products like we make music: Every step of the journey towards a finished product is a curiosity-driven exploration of technology. 

All of their instruments are born out of technological curiosity and musical necessity. Using modern electronics and digital wizardry, seeking new creative territories in electronic music in close collaboration with the Torso community of musicians, composers, and performers. Their goal at any time is to make instruments that are equal parts lively creative dialogue and pure experience.