Torso Electronics S-4

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The S-4 is a sculpting sampler designed to capture and transform sounds. Merging tape-era workflows with cutting-edge technology, the S-4 redefines sound mangling by providing a futuristic platform for crafting unique soundscapes and compositions, using samples and real-time audio processing.

S-4 is a tool made for sonic explorers. It has four parallel stereo tracks, each with an audio engine featuring a chain of audio devices including samplers, live granular processing, morphing resonators, and a range of audio effects. A novel modulation system allows anything and everything to be modulated with four modulators per track. Capture sounds on the fly with the onboard microphone and stereo line input, or load samples from the four gigabyte internal flash storage.

The S-4 is a versatile powerhouse, capable of serving as an effects processor, transformative sound designer, tape machine, live looper, classic sample player, or textural synthesizer.

Push the creative boundaries and transform audio into uncharted depths. S-4 has four parallel stereo tracks, each of which contains a chain of five audio devices tailored to cover specific sonic areas and applications. Create everything from glittering textures to broken soundscapes or evolving synth sounds. Together, the devices form a playful toolbox for sculpting sample material and live audio.
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Manufacturer Torso Electronics
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