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We offer some of the best synthesizer equipment in New Zealand. We are the official and exclusive dealer for most brands listed below & pride ourselves in providing the best customer care.

How to navigate this website?

The modular world is massive, with over 10.000 of modules available on ModularGrid today it can be a bit hard to find your favourite module. Every section, displaying our products, has a clickable link, displayed at the top, which enables you to browse more modules in that category.
Modules by function


By adhering to the ModularGrid structure and naming convention for functionality you can browse our website in an easy way. If you have found your module on ModularGrid you can simply navigate to the same category by clicking the function under the 'Modules by Function' section.

To make things easier we have developed a page where you can simply browse all modules and their functionality. You can find the functionality page here >
Modules by Brand


There are hundreds of manufacturers but sometimes you just know which your favourite modular synthesizer brand is. Combining modules from the same brand often delivers good aesthetics and functionality due to fact that you will have a more balanced synthesizer.

To help you with your journey, we developed a page where we have categorised all modules per brand. You can find the manufacturers page here >

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