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Voltage Controlled Oscillators


A voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) is an electronic oscillator whose output frequency is proportional to its input voltage. An oscillator produces a periodic AC signal, and in VCOs, the oscillation frequency is determined by voltage.

Voltage Controlled Amplifiers


Voltage Controlled Amplifiers (VCA) control the amplitude of a signal passing through it by scaling or attenuating it in response to a separate control voltage input.
Voltage Controlled Filters


A filter is the most common tone-altering module in a modular synth. It typically reduces the strength of select harmonics or overtones, changing the tonal balance of a sound.
Envelope Generators


Envelope generators (EGs) are one common means of modulation in keyboard and modular synthesizers. They are your number one module (tool) towards subtractive synthesis.


Effects should also be considered with instruments such as guitars or keyboard but also in the modular system, because they give the sounds produced the right flavour.


Utility modules are considered as boring, but we think they are a building block for every modular synthesizer!
Low-frequency Oscillators


Low-frequency oscillation (LFO) is an electronic frequency that is usually below 20 Hz and creates a rhythmic pulse or sweep. It is used to modulate modular synthesizers!
Random Source


Source of Uncertainty, or Random modules. Pretty random. Want to create ambient music on your modular synthesizer? These are some random modules we think you should look at!


Sequencers are used to create melodies, bass lines, and to trigger drum modules. A good sequencer is an essential tool for musical modular synthesis.
Waveshapers & folders


Waveshaping is a term that is often used to describe particular types of distortion effects, yet the actual scope of this technique in the world of sound synthesis far exceeds this common understanding.
Clock sources & modulation


Erica Synths team of visionaries, engineers and musicians have been working hard to bring you modules and instruments that will set your modular system apart from mass in terms of how it sounds, looks and functions. Check them out and find what you are missing!
Delay FXs


Delay effects bring out the best in your modular synthesizer performance.