Neuzeit Instruments Orbit

Make simple things sound rich! Orbit is a mighty tool for transforming any kind of sound into a totally new sound design. In combination with an oscillator this module forms a complete synth voice. Orbit is a versatile tool for sound shaping and sound design.

Main functions:

Bitcrusher - with invertible bits
Harmonizer - with up to 5 oscillations
Multimode Filter - 12dB/Oct with Fade between LP/HP
Envelope Generator - with LFO function
Mixer - with VCAs for DRY and WET
Input mixer - with VCAs
Everything DC-coupled


Width:24 HP
Depth:40 mm
Current draw +12V:139 mA
Current draw -12V:97 mA
Current draw +5V:0 mA

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Status Pre-order
Manufacturer Neuzeit Instruments
Functionality Effects FX, Filter VCF, Wavefolder, Synth Voice
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