Endorphines Golden Master


The Golden Master from Endorphin.es is a multi-band processor that takes inspiration from studio mastering and radio loudness units from the 1990s. It gives control over the EQ, compression, and mid/side processing of incoming audio.

Thanks to the 16-bit/96kHz audio fidelity, you'll get incredible processing power. It features three bands - low, medium, and high - each handling a distinct portion of the audio spectrum. These controls feature a single knob that both boosts and cuts signals. Set the overall loudness limit of your sounds, and the brickwall limiter ensures all your sounds stay in check. This multi-band effect is the perfect end-of-chain module, ensuring that anything you throw at it sounds dynamic and full.

Multi-band processor inspired by mastering tools from the 1990s: adds punch and dynamics to your sound
Compression, EQ, and mid/side processing
Three frequency bands with +7 db boost and -20 db cut
Brickwall limiter sets upper limit of signals
16-bit/96kHz audio I/O with 32 bits internal processing
Enhance/mute buttons
available in 1U / 22HP version

Power consumptions:
135 mA +12V
25 mA -12V
0 mA 5V

6 HP
30 mm deep


I hear some noise from my module.
First of all, check if audio input gain trimmer and input 1/2 trimmer on the backside in 6hp module are fully CCW to ensure you have a proper gain staging. Second: update the module to the latest firmware (see above).

Rainbow cable pinout. Side red/brown pair of pins always correspond to -12V similar as with typical gray ribbon cable.
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Manufacturer Endorphines
Functionality Effects FX, Utility, Mixer
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