The Sine Community

The Sine Community programme was developed with exploration in mind. It consists of an academic lesson about electronic music and its evolution in history combined with an interactive experience to engage individuals and get them to interact with all types of sound design tools and synthesizers.


Read Rolf Kasten his book on generative music on the Sine Community website.

Rolf is in his 70s, has a degree in quantum physics, writes e-books about music, produces multimedia art for his local theatre and composes music.


The course for Insta-worthy modular noise. Get tips and techniques to help you refine and perfect your workflow and meet other enthousiasts.


Learn how to use all of the gear we have available, from demo modules to your own sweet modules. We will supply as many power plugs as you need, just come and join the crew for an epic afternoon of sonic landscaping.

Not able to make it? We can come your way!

Learn, Interact & be Inspired

Our educational programmes and the Sine Community sets out to entice individuals at all levels to interact, learn and express themselves by means of electronic music and visual art.

By collaborating with synthesists from within the community we aim to share our knowledge to educate and support others starting out in the world of electronic music. With our main focus being young ambitious individuals. The platforms we have created provide artists with an opportunity to learn, collaborate and grow.