Geosynchronous Synths TB-SEQ

Combine MIDI with Eurorack through the new TB-SEQ module

The TB-Seq Eurorack module and integrated MIDI interface in the Ge0synchronous desktop semi-modular synthesisers combine standard MIDI note to CV V/Oct, gate and trigger conversion as well as MIDI to CV clock with configurable PPQN (pulse per quarter note) – both in and out. The module also provides a basic “TB” style 1 to 16 step, sixteenth note, sequencer with eight persistent memory slots. Partnering the module itself is a Windows or Mac based application that can be used to create, save and upload sequences to the sequencer memory slots. The application also allows device settings to be sent to the module. Data transfer between the host computer and module is by means of MIDI SysEx messages via the 5-pin DIN MIDI Input.

  • 5 pin DIN MIDI Input.
  • CV Input for CV Clock input pulses and CV Run to start sequencer. (Incoming clock configurable PPQN from 1 to 24)
  • CV Output for MIDI to CV Clock (configurable PPQN from 4 to 24)
  • CV Output for gate, trigger and accent. Gate and trigger correspond to incoming
  • MIDI note or sequencer steps.
  • CV Output for modulation – value set via configurable MIDI CC.
  • 8x 1 to 16 step sequencer slots
  • Integrated display and menu to configure device settings, and activate, copy or clear sequencer slots.
  • Standalone PC based application to create, save and upload sequences and device settings via MIDI SysEx messages.
  • MIDI SysEx firmware updates – continual feature additions coming!

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Manufacturer Geosynchronous
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Functionality I/O Interface, MIDI
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