Geosynchronous Synths TB-FX

The TB-FX Eurorack module is an 8hp effects module that combines both a simple short period delay and gritty overdrive that both compliment the classic 303 tones from the rest of the TB series.

EFX1 – Delay

Starting with the delay, the module uses the classic chip used in many guitar pedals, the PT2399, which provides a digital delay on chip with an analog-esque tone. The chip allows delays from between 30ms and 340ms. At its lowest setting the delay provides an almost flanger like tone and depending on the BPM of your track, you can get one or two notes of delay in sync.

The module provides pot based controls of the dry/wet mix of the signal, the number of repeats and the overall delay time.

EFX2 – Overdrive

The second effect provided by the module is loosely based on the Roland blues drive circuit with some added gain control. The 303 again loves some overdrive / distortion – its used in almost all the classic tunes that have an instantly recognisable 303 sound.

Control of the overdrive consists of three pots, the drive amount, the tone of the drive and an overall level or gain control. Combine the two effects by sending the output of one into the input of the other!

Add Some Noise

The module also includes two noise sources, a white and a pink noise derived from the fabled 2SC828 transistor, the one all the fuss was about in the 808 – the reality is any NPN with ECB can generate noise and the circuits taken from Roland’s System 100 morph this into white and pink tones – control of the amount of noise is via a trimmer on the rear.

The TB-FX is available as a panel and pcb set, a panel and pcb set with partial kit and in limited numbers as a pre-built, tested and calibrated module.
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