Bastl Instruments Basil

Flexible Stereo Space Delay.

Basil is a compact, yet flexible, digital stereo delay module built on the Bastl Pizza platform. It offers clean delay, as well as lo-fi flavors, and its Space section opens the doors to exploration far beyond simple delay territory. The Basil delay buffer modulates really well, allowing to recreate most classic time-based effects, such as chorus, flanger, vibrato, pitch shifter, reverb, and stereo widener, among others, and navigate between them with just a few performative gestures.


- Flexible STEREO delay buffer
- Stereo inputs (Left normalized to Right) and outputs
- V/OCT DELAY input suitable for Karplus Strong synthesis
- STEREO spread
- FINE tune of delay time (for tonal applications)
- SYNC input for synchronized delays
- HALF SPEED with an extended range of quarter and eighth speeds suitable for octave jumps 
- Max sample rate 41.66 kHz, 16-bit — max delay time in stereo 0.5 s 
- Max delay time in mono (via ping-pong) 1 s 
- Max delay time at half speed in stereo 1 s (2 s at quarter and 4 s at eighth) 

- LO-FI setting for turning off the anti-aliasing filter for lower sample-rates
- DRY/WET mix with a constant power curve
- FEEDBACK knob and CV with normal (right) and ping pong (left) modes
- FREEZE function to act as micro looper or for ambient washes
- SPACE section to add more dimension 
- BLUR for diffusion (inside or outside feedback) 
- FILTER in the feedback path
- Multi-TAPS for adding density

- Assignable CTRL knob and CV (time, stereo, fine, dry/wet, feedback, speed, freeze, lo-fi, blur, filter, taps)
- Firmware updates via micro USB
- Based on the Bastl Pizza HW platform (different FW and front panel)


8 HP // PTC fuse and diode protected 10 pin power connector // Depth: 24 mm deep // Current consumption: +12 V: 90 mA; -12 V: 20 mA
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Manufacturer Bastl Instruments
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Functionality Effects FX
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