Erica Synths Black DADSR EG2

The Erica Synths Black DADSR (Delay-Attack-Decay-Sustain-Release) is a fully analogue envelope generator that gives you extended control over events in your modular synth. It’s a looping exponential envelope generator that has voltage control over each stage of the envelope. An independent Gate Delay section adds extra functionality to design advanced soundscapes, like delayed modulation effects, wave morphing, etc.


  • Re-triggerable exponential DADSR envelope generator
  • CV control over each stage
  • Gate delay with a manually controlled delay time
  • CV attenuators
  • Looping function
  • Manual gate button

Technical specifications:

Attack time (with max CV)0…2,5” (4,4”)
Decay time (with max CV)0…5” (12”)
Sustain level0…10V
Release time (with max CV)0…4,5” (10”)
Gate delay time0,7”
CV level (full sweep)-5V - +5V
Panel width10HP
Module depth30mm
Power consumption42mA@+12V, 58mA@-12V

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Status In stock
Manufacturer Erica Synths
Functionality Low-freq Oscillator LFO, Envelope Generator
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