Animal Factory Coma Reactor II


Inspired by  gritty delays on cheap mixers. the Coma Reactor boasts the crunchy sounds of the PT2399 chip, but adds a number of useful routing possibilities that allow you to fracture time and (mind)space.

Independent volume controls allow you to blend in clean, delayed and affected sounds as you see fit. The delay time can be CV controlled for slight tape-echo warbles to some truly seasick pitch shifting. 

You can use the Send/Return path to process your delay signal through another effects unit, or leave it disconnected to rasp it on a truly nasty bandpass filter. Using the Frequency (CV controllable) and Resonance knobs, torture out a sine wave for some truly twisted soundscaping. Feed that back into the input to get evicted.

Lastly, this completely delirious module is also capable of generating noises and oscillating with no input attached, making it a useful soundtrack generator for the end of the world.

The 2022 Coma Reactor includes a breakout header for future integration with upcoming AFA expander modules.

Key Features: 

  • Classic Coma Reactor sound… with more nasty on tap
  • More textural control with BPF frequency and Q knobs
  • Crank up the resonance to make the filter an oscillator. 
  • Generate crazy sounds with no input attached
  • Send and Return path to process delay signal separately
  • Future-ready expansion header on the back of the module
  • Manufacturer's warranty
  • Pre-orders ship 1-2 days after arrival in NZ
  • Free NZ/AU shipping on all orders over NZ$399
  • Free worldwide shipping on all orders over USD$499
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Status In stock
Manufacturer Animal Factory
Functionality Effects FX
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