Instruo Ochd Expander

Meet the Instruō øchd expander ([ø]4^2), an expansion module for one of Eurorack’s most beloved modulation sources, øchd.

Launched in 2019 and designed in collaboration with Ben “DivKid” Wilson, the Instruō øchd has set a standard for compact and versatile modulation sources which can now be seen across thousands of eurorack systems. The Instruō øchd expander [ø]4^2 adds 16 outputs and 4 new sets of functionality to øchd’s normal operation.

Using øchd’s LFOs as signal sources, øchd expander [ø]4^2 adds full wave rectified unipolar positive LFOs, analog diode logic for minimum and maximum voltage mixing, cascaded stochastic trigger signals for interesting rhythmic patterns, and R-2R 4-bit random voltage sources for all things wild and chaotic – all of which are controlled by øchd’s single frequency control and CV attenuverter.

8 LFOs in 4 HP is great and all, but 24 modulation sources in 8 HP is much, much better.

øchd expander | function (maths) 8+4^2 = more modulation

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Manufacturer Instruō
Status Pre-order
Functionality Low-freq Oscillator LFO, Modulation Source
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