Torso Electronics T-1

Next batch is expected to arrive in June 2024! Please pre-order to ensure you have reserved your unit.

Create percussive polyrhythmic sequences and explore endless melodic variations. T-1 is an expressive algorithmic sequencer that goes beyond traditional step sequencing by applying a hyperfluent way of creating musical structures.

Not your average sequencer

A 16 track algorithmic sequencer at the center of your studio. The T-1 offers a generative workflow with focus on immediacy and playful exploration. Whether on stage or in the studio, the T-1 will inspire you with fresh ideas and help you push the boundaries of your music. In short, this is a fundamental rethinking of the sequencer as a modern, fun and inspiring instrument

The T-1 can be customized to suit your music. In fact, it is many instruments in one: Each of the T-1’s 16 tracks can be set up in one of three modes.

The signal flow of any modern studio is a complex web of analog, digital and wireless signals and keeping your instruments connected and in sync can be a drain for your creativity. The T-1 solves this by communicating via MIDI, USB, analog CV and gates, Ableton Link and Wi-Fi connections with all of your gear.

The T-1 is an instrument designed to be played in the here and now. Whether you are working in a studio or on stage, the path between musical inspiration and performance has never been shorter. Make relative parameter changes on one or multiple tracks simultaneously, save the changes or return to the starting point. With the T-1, your music making process is a constantly evolving flow.
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Manufacturer Torso Electronics
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