Maneco Labs Grone Expander

The Maneco Labs Grone Drone Expander combines oscillators, LFOs and a delay effects unit in one tactile expander for eurorack modular synthesizers.

Osc 1 & 3 - Bytebeat oscillators

This section generates sounds based on equations converted to analog signals, there are sixteen equations selected by the up and down switches. The four leds on the panel indicate equation number in binary mode.

The three pots modify the numbers used by the equation, A0, A1 and A2. The fourth pot sample rate controls pitch and speed of the oscillation. There’s an output level control for the oscillator and a dedicated jack for patching the oscillator sound to external modules.

By holding the toggle switches you can select between a fast decay, long decay and hold mode for the touch trigger input. There are CV inputs for pitch on both oscillators.

Osc 2 & 4 -Wavetable oscillators

Carefully designed digital oscillators, they are either touch controlled on the panel or gate controlled by the gate jacks.
The pitch is controlled by the pitch pot, you can also choose to modulate this with LFO A or LFO B and via the cv inputs.

A0 control selects the appropriate waveform, A1 controls morph between the two waveforms. There are individual output jacks on the control panel for further patching opportunities.

LFO 1 & 2

Low frequency oscillator routed to the MOD inputs for oscillators 2 & 4. The decay of these can be modulated by the modulation input, and is selectable by using the toggle switches rate and waveform shape.

The currently available waveforms are: ramp up, ramp down, square, triangle, sine , sweep, random levels, random slopes.


The delay unit processes the sum of the oscillators and has controls for time, feedback (can self oscillate) and modulation levels, it is routed from LFO 1 or 2 based on the toggle selection you configure.


There are 2 outputs, one is the grit output which sets the overdrive amount and the final output volume as end of chain output.
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Functionality Oscillator VCO, Low-freq Oscillator LFO, Modulation Source, Utility, Wavefolder
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