Maneco Labs Grone II

The Maneco Labs Grone Drone synth is a all-in-one modules combining effects with crazy circuitries creating the ultimate drone fed into the almost nostalgic sound of the reverb from the unmistakable mutable instruments clouds.

These are the new changes in Grone 2 from original Grone Drone
- updated oscillator section includes clock output (referencing sample rate dial)
- replaced clouds software section with different effects. Tap Tempo Delay, Reverse Delay and a Reverb with Freeze! 

Drone VCO 

Generates sound, based on equations converted to analog signals , there are sixteen equations selected by up and down switches. Four leds indicate equation number in binary mode.

Three pots modify numbers used by the equation, A0 , A1 and A2. The fourth pot 'sample rate' controls the pitch and speed of the oscillation. There’s an output level pot for the oscillator and a dedicated jack for patching the oscillator sound to external modules. Including a white noise section to create an even more complex sound.


MS20 resonant low pass filter , with cut frequency pot control. Including the options to control the resonance, and modulation amount. In addition to this there is an input and output jack and second cv input for cut off labeled MOD2.


Low frequency oscillator routed to MOD1 from the internal VCF, with both a rate and waveform shaper. The current waveforms available are: ramp up, ramp down, square, triangle, sine , sweep, random levels, random slopes.


Based on the Mutable Instruments clouds module with parasites firmware , boosting the same controls to keep things simple.
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Manufacturer Maneco Labs
Functionality Effects FX, Oscillator VCO, Low-freq Oscillator LFO, Filter VCF, Amplifier VCA
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