Cosmotronic Cosmix

Cosmix is a chainable 8-channel stereo mixer with a built in analog stereo dual band maximizer.

It has four mono channels with panning and switchable pre/post aux send, and two stereo channels. These have the left inputs normaled to the right inputs. All channels have clickless mutes.

The aux output can be routed to an external effect, or used for feedback patching. There is no dedicated return channel, you can use one of the available channels instead.

A unique feature is the dual band drive circuit, inspired by the bbe sonic maximizer.
it has a high and a low band slider, and let's you drive the gain for each in true stereo.

Low drive settings give general sound enhancement, while cranking up the gain creates amazingly rich sounding distortion and interesting clipping behaviour.

A dedicated switch let's you bypass this drive circuit. It also alters the way the controls behave:

In drive bypass mode:

all channels are at unity gain with
faders fully up.
all channels are DC coupled
alternatively with drive enabled,

+3.5dB of gain
Stereo channels AC coupled
with low and high faders down
all channels are at unity gain
slightly above the white line.
This way you can play with gain staging, to creatively add more or less drive to each channel. in combination with the low and high frequency faders it works well to glue together a drum mix for example.

The master stereo output volume can be set with the main volume knob.
This also let's you attenuate the output to line level, which comes in handy sometimes.
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Manufacturer Cosmotronic
Functionality Effects FX, Utility, Mixer
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