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Explore new ways to play

Osmose is the new standard for musical expressivity. Use intuitive gestures to control this standalone synthesizer and upgrade your playing & production skills. Press, bend, shake, strum & more to interact with keyboards & electronic sounds in a new organic way. Whether you’re a veteran keyboardist, a workflow-oriented producer, a daring sound designer, or anything in between, Osmose will take your musical journey to uncharted places.

Designed with artists in mind

Osmose is a collaborative project. Expressive E have thus teamed up with top musicians across the globe — from seasoned jazz & classical pianists to Grammy-winning trap producers - to make sound demos that help you see what Osmose can add to the music genres you love!

Design & build quality
Designed in France to stand the test of time and touring with style, Osmose is made of quality components and boasts a high repairability index. With a sound engine by Haken Audio. Made for expressivity by Haken Audio, the EaganMatrix sound engine is at home with FM, virtual analog, and physical modeling synthesis, as well as everything in-between.

Efficient browsing
Osmose's browser was tailored to make it a hassle free experience. It offers various filters and sub-filters based on both sound types and colours so you can find the sound in your head quickly.

Sculpt your sound
Osmose comes loaded with macro controls that allow to shape broadly and creatively any of the 500 included presets. All macros have been specifically made for each preset to get you inspired quickly.

Custom sensitivity
Whether you want full expressivity or a classic piano feel, Osmose adapts to you by offering custom sensitivity curves for each gesture.

Playing options
​The MPE Arpeggiator has the classic parameters that you would expect, but also gesture-triggered modulation on every note. Osmose also features "press glide" which allows you to dynamically control glide time between notes.

Fun to play
Easy-to-tweak presets, a playful interface, and an innovative keybed make for a fun & refreshing playing experience, for players of all levels.

Osmose is the new standard for musical expressivity. This standalone polyphonic synthesizer unlocks new ways to control sound with familiar gestures (press, bend, shake & more). It features a deep sound design engine and hundreds of ready-to-use, innovative presets. It also functions as a powerful controller for hard & software synthesizers.

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Keybed 49 full-size keys with three dimensional control

Configurations Standalone synthesizer, MPE MIDI Controller, and classic MIDI controller

Sound engine EaganMatrix, a digital modular engine by Haken Audio

Polyphony Up to 24 voices

Interface Color LCD screen, pitch and modulation sliders

Pedal inputs 2 continuous pedal inputs, assignable to sustain or synth parameters

Midi DIN Midi in, Midi Out/Thru, USB Type B

Audio output Two 1/4" TRS pseudo balanced line outputs, 1/4" TRS headphone output

dimensions 894 x 316 x 87.5 mm / 35.2" x 12.4" x 3.4"

Weight 8.3 Kilograms / 18.4 lbs

Power External PSU with lockable connector, 12V, 1.5A, center positive

Software Software updater for new firmware and library versions, a MAC/PC editor to create and edit sounds
Manufacturer Expressive E
Status In stock
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