Expressive E Touché SE

Touché SE is the ultimate expression controller for software synths
Get ready to unlock expression in your music more easily than you might ever have imagined was possible. 

Press Touché SE to activate a filter on your favorite third-party VST or gently bow Touché SE’s plate to add arpeggiator action to the favorite built-in synth of your DAW. These are 2 examples of the many possibilities Touché SE can interact with software synthesizers translating. your gestures into data. Touché SE (Software Edition) shares the same build quality, patented mechanism and sound library as the classic Touché. Through USB-only connectivity, it precisely allows you to modulate any sound, from the subtlest brush to the wildest strike.
Sturdy & precise 
Touché SE boasts a solid monoblock design with few replaceable moving parts, equipped to translate anything from the softest touch to the roughest rhythms, with pinpoint precision.
Universally compatible 
Touché is compatible with any software synthesizer thanks to it's USB-only outputand companion software Lié, capable of hosting any 3rd party VST.
Ready to use
Touché SE ships with 250 pre-made mappings for all best-selling VST instruments.
Sounds included 
Touché SE is bundled with UVI Workstation, a plug-in providing over 250 custom-designed instrument sounds. These sounds come pre-mapped with Touché SE so you can focus on producing.
A new tactile playing experience 
Touché SE bypasses the traditional limitations of MIDI controllers’ keybeds, seamlessly connecting your gestures to sound. Less programming, less automation, more creativity! touché meets your favorite synth VSTs.
Powerful companion software - Lié 
Meet lié, Touché SE’s control center and companion software. Lié allows you to: Browse easily the included sound library (+250 presets), Host any third party plug-in and map it to Touché and Touché SE, Create mappings for hardware gear in a blink (Touché only), Adjust Touché’s sensitivity to your taste.
Rediscover your favorite plugins
Touché SE is a beautifully engineered hardware instrument, able to translate anything from the softest touch to the roughest rhythms, with pinpoint precision. In addition to this Touché SE comes with a professionally-designed sound library, so you can start exploring right after installation. Explore ripping basses, soaring leads, evocative pads and pounding percussion, all pre-mapped to take full advantage of the hardware.

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USB USB Powered

Axes 4 axes with customizable sensitivity

Lié: macOS 10.11 and higher / Windows 10, VST / AU format, hosts VST instruments only, check lié's compatibility here

Dimensions 9.7" x 3.9" x 2.4" / 246 x 100 x 62 mm

Box content Touché SE 1x USB Cable
Manufacturer Expressive E
Status In stock
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