Hologram Chroma Console


Chroma Console is a flexible multi-effect pedal that takes inspiration from the eccentricity, grit, and lively instability of beloved vintage recording technology, combines it with brand new sounds, and delivers it all through an intuitive user interface that puts wide-ranging sonic experimentation at your fingertips.

Easily re-order effects and experiment with different signal chains—process reverb through a fuzz, run a reverse delay into a pitch shifter, or run the evocative, gritty sound of an aging cassette recorder into a stereo double-tracker. Record knob movements with GESTURE, create ephemeral loops with CAPTURE, and dial in the amount of randomness, chaos, or nostalgic warble that your composition requires with DRIFT.

Chroma Console is equipped with several creative performance tools that add extra movement, instability, interactivity, and liveliness to sound. MIDI Highly-configurable MIDI implementation over DIN and USB-C. MIDI sync, full control over effects, and instant preset recall with program changes. EXPRESSION INPUT Control any primary knob function with expression control. Save and recall expression assignments in user presets. STEREO I/O All of Chroma Console's effects can process stereo signals or create a lively stereo image from a mono signal when used in mono-to-stereo configuration. 80 USER PRESETS Save and recall all the sounds you’ve made, just as your remember them. ALWAYS IN THE SWEET SPOT Calibration automatically sets the compression and saturation thresholds, as well as many other effect parameters, to the right level for your instrument so that you can focus on experimentation and having fun—not endlessly fussing with volume controls.
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