Snazzy FX Wow & Flutter

Inspired by beautiful malfunctions

The Wow and Flutter is an incredibly versatile delay device. It is certain to add an extremely unique texture to your playing or your productions. Run stems or mixes through it to add an out-of-this-world quality. Thicken up synth parts in an instant or use it on vocals to add mystery. With your guitar you will be amazed at how many different colors can be achieved with just this one box.

While Tracer City is in competition with some other analogue filter-boxes, the tape saturation effect Wow & Flutter with its concise sound and the Mini-Ark with the good tone, fast tracking and wide audio range are unquestionably recommended tools to spice up synthesizers and plug-ins or to customize their sound stamp. The direct access to the many controllers invites you to experiment and favors the effect boxes for both live and studio use.- Beat

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