Elektron Octatrack MKII

Eight track dynamic performance sampler
With the Octatrack MKII, discovering the perfect sample is only the beginning. Twist it, distort it, and carve it into something that is truly yours. Dynamic in name and nature: this is the ultimate sampler for recording sessions, creative kick-starts, and improvisational performances. A stereo sampler, looper, arranger, mixing and effects hub, workstation, performance instrument: you name it. Its power scales and evolves with you during your musical journey.

More than a sampler
The Octatrack MKII redefines how you transform your sounds, as well as how you interact and play with them. It is a stereo sampler, processor, and live looper with a powerful sequencer and workstation workflow on top. Choose between several custom machines – static, flex, thru, neighbor, pickup – to suit your sample recording, manipulation, and effects processing needs for each of the eight tracks. Whether you use only a few aspects of its capabilities, such as sample crafting, slicing, effects, and playback – or gradually include its connectivity and control for a deeper and more comprehensive composition – the Octatrack will sit confidently as the central hub of your musical world.

Sampling is the inception
Record stereo samples in real-time via any of the Octatrack’s source options. Connect directly to the four inputs, resample an internal track, or pull on the main and cue channels. Record into any of the eight tracks simultaneously. Go on and tweak and process the samples, even while your pattern is playing. Trim, chop, twist and turn, freely and independently time-stretch and pitch-shift your audio gems into perfectly sized loops, one-shots, or slices for your composition. Sample and resample. Refine or crunch. Do it all live.

Audio mutate, audio mutilate
The crossfader adds immense depth of control. Choose how you want it to affect your samples. Then decide how you want to wield it. Set up assignable scenes (collections of parameter changes) to each side of the crossfader. Toggle between them, or morph from A to B and back. Prepare up to sixteen scenes and transition from any to any of them. Nudge gently for subtle, natural-sounding transitions or knock it back and forth for extreme, unexpected changes.

Monumental modulation
The Octatrack MKII is a machine with enormous sound design and modulation capabilities. With three LFOs available for each track, as well as an LFO designer with an etch-a-sketch type workflow plus smoothing, there are deeply customizable wave-weaving possibilities at your disposal. The LFO options aren't just for internal and external audio modulation: apply them to MIDI if you want. Many available modulation sources, but what about destinations?

Sparkling effects
You can assign two insert effects per audio track, offering a vast selection of reverbs, filters, and plenty more to play with. To get your fill of filters, use the band-defining base-width filter, or the characteristic comb filter. There are two types of equalizer too, for those fine frequency control needs. There's compression, lo-fi, flanger, phaser, delay, chorus, spatializer, and more. If you need more effects slots, just use a neighbor machine and double the number. Utter audio manipulation has rarely been so varied, or so much fun.

Pillar of performance
The Octatrack MKII can be treated as a small mixing and effects desk for your whole setup, making use of the unit’s configurable pairs of stereo inputs, and equally configurable pairs of main and cue outputs. Then connect external MIDI gear and let the machine orchestrate proceedings via eight dedicated tracks, each featuring MIDI LFOs and CC control pages. The colossal connectivity and immediate control make all the difference.

Superior sequencing
With the game-changing Elektron sequencer, you can lay your ideas out with absolute control and as great depth as you desire. Command both internal sounds and external gear with the same level of razor-sharp precision. In addition to the eight audio tracks, you get eight MIDI sequencer tracks ready to wrangle other gear. Discover the capabilities of the arranger to turn your sequences into songs. Repeat, mute, loop, and jump commands let you swagger that last mile toward a complete composition. Experience the power of parameter locking: simply pressing a sequencer step and twisting a knob to add sound manipulation and effects in a hands-on, intuitive manner. Lock a different sample or slice to each step, apply controlled randomness and logic with conditional locks, lock parameter changes independently of note trigs: let p-locks pave the way towards that super-swag sequence!

Inspiration dynamite
The Octatrack MKII comes packed with grade-A factory content. Nearly 5 GB of loops and one-shots by Origin Sound, Loopmasters, Sample Magic, and Samples from Mars ensures creativity right out of the box.
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