Elektron Analog Rytm MKII

Layer distinctive analog percussion with digital samples. Bring in the power of sequencing and performance controls. For rhythmic discoveries in the studio and on stage: the Analog Rytm MKII is a one-stop solution beat machine. A different drum.

True analog punch
Feel the depth of booming kick drums, the snarling bite of snares, the bellow of toms, and the airy shimmer of hi-hats. Pick from multiple uniquely crafted synthesis models (called machines) for varied percussive sounds. Tweak the sound-shaping parameters to make those models your own, and experience the exquisite character of an analog ride, kick, or cowbell. The dual VCO synth engine adds a charmingly chubby bass level to your compositions. Fine-tune to your liking and get cracking.

Sample & mold
What sets the Analog Rytm MKII apart is the addition of a digital sample layer. Sampling is dead easy. Choose the source – the inputs, any of the internal tracks, or the main outs – complete your recording, trim the sample, and that's that. Swiftly set the pitch, direction, looping or one-shot behavior, and bitrate. Sample and re-sample. Mold it to the limits of your imagination.

More than a drum machine
When you have captured and edited your samples (or chosen pre-recorded ones), carry on and tweak the analog and digital layers to make your sounds as smooth, as rough, or as fantastic as you like.

Treat that combination to some analog filtering and overdrive on each track for jaw-dropping results. To finish off, take a route through the analog distortion and compressor circuits while adding even more bells and whistles with the digital reverb and delay effects. Add movement to your sound using the multi-waveform LFO and its great number of destinations.

Performance and connectivity
When you have your sounds ready to go, release your beats using the velocity-sensitive pads. Or play your sounds and samples chromatically. The pads can also be used to activate up to 12 performance macros (multiple parameter changes), making fine use of their pressure-sensitive nature. Or use the quick performance knob for instant access to any of your macros. Another mode lets you use the pads for more drastic, on/off, scene changes.

Enjoy one-handed operation of pattern or sound changes. The super-crisp OLED display makes performing in the dark a joy. Individual audio outputs for each voice ensure this drum machine fits just as snugly in a vintage analog studio recording session as in a modern digital one. Class compliance gives you the freedom of connectivity and makes USB MIDI and audio smoother than ever before.

Superior sequencing
The full-featured step sequencer lets you control both structure and sound. Press a step and tweak any parameter change into it for ultra-fast and detailed sequencing – parameter locking.

Real-time record every twist and turn you make if you like, or build your composition one tonal nuance at a time. Add some controlled randomness and logic with the variety-friendly trig conditions. Build patterns from your sequence, then create a full-blown composition from them using the convenient song editor.

Inspiration dynamite
The Analog Rytm MKII comes loaded with phenomenal factory content to kick off your music-making. The likes of Eraldo Bernocchi, Lucifer’s Aid, and (d) glitched, as well as the intrepid Elektron team, have gathered together this fresh bank of patterns and kits to dive straight into, giving you access to a hearty and varied bunch of musical ideas right out of the box.

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