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Voltage Controlled Filters

The voltage controlled filter is a major part of subtractive synthesis. There are many different ways to design a filter, and although they basically do the same thing, they all sound a little bit different.  

The filter is the part of the synthesizer that is most responsible for shaping the tones you get out of it, and it gives each synth its own character and unique sound.

Voltage Controlled Oscillators

VCOs are the main building block in every synthesizer, they provide a sound source used for frequency modulation (FM) or phase modulation (PM) by applying a modulating signal to the input. Generating waveforms whose pitch can be adjusted by a voltage per octave.

Sawtooth, sine, triangle or square. This is the voice of your modular system.

“In February 2010 Befaco was created as an open hardware platform focusing on professional DIY musical hardware, materialising our previous electronic, musical and artistic research.”

— José
Émilie Gillet

“Mutable Instruments are one of key companies in the modular synthesis world, creating unique and solid modules.”

— Émilie Gillet
Julia Bondar

“ENDORPHIN.ES | ɛnˈdɔː(r)fɪnz | is innovative brand specializing in breaking age musical technology - manufacturer of eurorack modular synthesizers - electronic musical instruments.”

— Julia Bondar
Joran van Gremberghe

“Driven by an unrelenting passion for analogue circuits, Joranalogue Audio Design offers a novel series of high-quality Eurorack music synthesiser modules. The utilitarian aesthetic envelops designs providing immense depth, versatility and precision.”

— Joran van Gremberghe

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