Erica Synths Dada Noise System II

Erica Synths in cooperation with the Liquid Sky Artistcollective presents the new Dada Noise System II - a modular synth-lab which is dedicated to create all kind of abstract organic analog noise / ambient soundscapes / industrial noise / bad ass bass / spheric atmospheres / experimental unheard drones / sonic glitches and of course all kind of thrilling horror- and scifi-sounds for the professionals.

Every single module of the system is already a sound source of its own, therefore the possibilities for sound-, noise- and atmo-experiments are endless.


It comes with vertical side panels and an external PSU.

The additional Quadraphonic Sound Panner (sold separately) makes it the perfect tool for film postproduction, installation works, game-sound design or quadraphonic performances.

To integrate both systems in one, please, order angled side panels that host both Dada Noise System II and Quadraphonic Surround Panner.

What is "dada"?

Dada was one of the most important art- / film- / design- / music- / performance-movements of the last century. Over 100 years ago the dada-multimedia-artists were changing the world forever and still have impact on the scene today.

If you have some spare time, please, have a look:

And the dada manifesto from 1918

The Dada Noise System II system is our 2021 take and reflection on dada to make chaos, noise, randomness and insanity controllable and playable.
In chaos it all started - in chaos it will end.

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