Erica Synths Black Dual VCF

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Erica Synths Black Dual VCF is a dual multimode filter with CV control over cutoff and resonance for serious modular patches.

Two identical multimode VCFs
Simultaneous HP, BP and LP outputs
Summing output
CV control over Cutoff and Resonance
CV level attenuverters
Link switch for controlling both VCFs with one cutoff or resonance knob
16 band spectrum analyser
Skiff-friendly design
At the core of this VCF is a highly stable, custom multimode VCF chip AS3320 (produced in Riga, btw). This module can be used as two independent VCFs with simultaneous HP, BP and LP outputs, controls can be linked to stereo application and both VCFs can be chained in series or parallel to the summing output for ultimate modulations. Bonus feature – the 16 band spectrum analyser gives you visual feedback on what happens on summing output.

Technical specifications:

Audio output amplitude10 Vptp
CV input (full sweep)10 Vptp
Panel width18HP
Module depth35mm
Power consumption

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Manufacturer Erica Synths
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