Endorphines Power


portable 2hp power module for compact skiff cases with dual passive multiples
12 to 20V DC input
up to 1A from +12V
up to 700mA from -12V via flying bussboard

Power consumption:
0 mA +12V
0 mA -12V
0 mA 5V

2 HP
42 mm deep


Can I power more modules than there are connectors available on the flying bus board?
Yes, you can use any flying bus board for Eurorack to extend the one that comes with the module. Just make sure the modules connected don’t draw too much current as Power get’s hot and turns off and/or your modules may start behaving weirdly. Always keep a little power reserve.

What PSU shall I buy?
Power module will work with literally any AC–DC adapter or power bank, that delivers 12-20V with 3A or more current, equivalent to ~40-50 Watt (60-70W of power is recommended). The more is better. Less isn’t good for powering a whole row of modules, or even more—also keep in mind, that the power consumption of modules a quite different and therefore ‘5 modules to be powered’ may mean totally different power consumptions depending on what modules you put in your rack. We recommend the following models: Meanwell GST90A12 or GST90A15

Rainbow cable pinout. Side red/brown pair of pins always correspond to -12V similar as with typical gray ribbon cable.
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Manufacturer Endorphines
Functionality Utility
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