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GROUND CONTROL – is the 42 hp Eurorack performance sequencer announced at Superbooth 2019. The sequencer has 4 tracks: three melodic tracks and a drum track consisting of 8 drum triggers and modulation/accent output. There are also dedicated mute buttons for each track, MIDI and USB-MIDI I/O, external CV and a 2-octave piano-style keyboard.

The keyboard serves for playing the melodies as well as entering the menus – in that method the module eliminates tedious menu diving. Each track can contain 24 patterns, which can be played separately or chained together in any order. All those tracks are organized into 24 projects. The number 24 is associated to the 24 letters of the Latin alphabet.

Ground Control features very stable internal analog and MIDI clocks preserving low jitter operation, which is crucial for tight sequencing. The patterns are entered either in 101-style step input, live recording and can be adjusted using the 303-style editor. The drum sections features a X0X-style sequencer.

Eurorack modular performance sequencer/workstation

2 octaves of keyboard, play sequences and grooves on the fly or use external USB/MIDI gear for DAW integration or to control external MIDI gear

arbitrary, up to 64 steps per pattern, 24 patterns per track, 24 projects

dedicated mute bus unquantized/quantized to pattern length

4 tracks: drum track with 8 triggers and modulation and 3 melodic CV/Gate tracks – Velocity and CC is recorded from external MIDI.

three record modes: step input with step editing, live recording and step editor

arpeggiator, roller, patterns queue, live notes removal, slides, ties/rests, quick transpose

works also as a power supply for your modular system (same as Shuttle Control) or can be powered by a bus board like any other module

Power consumption:
420 mA +12V
0 mA -12V
0 mA 5V

42 HP
25 mm deep


How do I know which firmware runs on my Ground Control sequencer?
Enter the menu with TEMPO>M(midi)>N and you will see the firmware number on the screen (e.g. 1.6)

Rainbow cable pinout. Side red/brown pair of pins always correspond to -12V similar as with typical gray ribbon cable.
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Manufacturer Endorphines
Functionality Random source, Sequencer
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