Endorphines Shuttle Control


12 bit USB-to-MIDI-to-CV converter module with 16 arbitrary assignable channels
simultaneous USB on-the-go device and host modes using 120 MHz 32-bit ARM Cortex™-M3
internal PSU capable of working from cigarette lighter receptacle, rechargeable battery or 12-20V AC-DC power adapter
no drivers are required for a direct connection to your MAC/PC or iOS devices
up to 8 voices of polyphony, polyphonic key aftertouch, no steps in CC voltages, MIDI clock, Tap Clock, Tap LFO, bi-directional USB-MIDI transfer and many more MIDI events can be translated into CV
MPE enabled
extra USB/din MIDI ports expandable with the Shuttle Mate

12 HP
35 mm deep


My Device is not recognized.
Please unmount your Shuttle Control and check, if all 4 ground lift switches are in the upper position. The ground lift switches sometimes are useful when Shuttle Control connected to the computer altogether with sound interfaces that may occur ground loops sometimes. And lifting the ground pins (switch down) will disable ground shield or ground pin itself and as a result may improve ground loop hum.

My Elektron device is not recognized.
Please check if the Elektron device is in Overbridge Mode.

What PSU shall I use?
At least 2-3 Ampere, best case 12 Volts (so SC doesn’t need to convert voltages down/up) DC power brick, 2.5 mm barrel connector (center positive). Check also PSU choice helper in 2HP POWER module FAQ.

How to slew CC messages.
If you’re using CC message to control certain parameters you may apply CC#6 on the same channel to slew the transitions between the CC values. CC#6 works as a slew over all CC messages in this channel.

Shuttle Control wasn’t designed for micro tuning output precision values. However we suggest to use the highest pitch bend values. Originally they are 14 bit values but transformed with Shuttle in 12 bit (4096 possible values/steps over 10V range, that means roughly 0.0024V per step.

Timeout issue "Shuttle Control editor V4 “time out” issue.
The issue “time out error” happens when trying to read the presets from a Shuttle Control with firmware V4 in the Shuttle Control Editor V4 is a known bug. Reuploading the firmware to the Shuttle Control doesn’t fix that. Having the “ignore program change” box ticked in the editor, prevents the preset from being read and results in the “time out”. Workaround: Uncheck “ignore program change” on every preset. Upload all the presets to the Shuttle Control. Then they are readable and one won’t be prompted a “time out”. If you need the “ignore program change” in your preset, please be so kind and download the preset to you computer for recall.

Lemur and Cargo4.
As of now the Lemur does not support all Cargo4 features. However it will work with Cargo 4 if you use wish to use Cargo3 only features . We might make it compatible in the future.

How can I replace the panel with other color?
Check the Endorphines website and panels replacement guide. Also don’t forget the knobs and buttons.

Rainbow cable pinout. Side red/brown pair of pins always correspond to -12V similar as with typical gray ribbon cable.
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Manufacturer Endorphines
Functionality Utility, Mixer, I/O Interface
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