Elektron Digitone

The elusive song of the desert, caused by grains of sand rubbing against each other, is nature’s own FM synthesizer. Sometimes roaring, sometimes wailing, always enchanting. Enter the alluring dunes of Digitone: a compact synthesizer that fits snugly at home, in the studio, and on stage.

The digital method unlocked
Digitone is an accessible take on FM synthesis and a prime source of new sounds and timbres. Create rich and musical sounds with ease, be it crystalline, electric, or metallic ones. Make your synth sing like the enchanted desert.

Digitone is FM simplified and revitalized. A combination of FM sound generation and subtractive synthesis across four synth tracks. Dive from jagged chaos to mellow soundscapes. Choose your algorithm. Set the FM parameters. Shape the tones with powerful filters. Round off with stellar effects. Enjoy the most spectacular sounds, seemingly from a parallel universe.

Add some subtraction
FM synthesis occurs when you modulate the pitch of one oscillator with another, to achieve rich and unexpected timbres. The ratio and rate of modulation impact the resulting sound. Digitone uses four oscillators, or operators, per voice. A particular configuration of operators is called an algorithm. For classical FM synthesis, it ends here.

With the Digitone, you get to shape, enrich and modulate the sound even further, using the powers of subtractive synthesis. Use the multimode filter with its custom envelope to soften or pronounce the wild overtones. Cut off the low, mid, or high frequencies. Sculpt with style and precision. Define the sound decisively using the full-featured amp envelope. Carve the contour of the sound.

Pushing the envelope
You can add more movement to the sound using an LFO or two. Set any sound-shaping parameter in automated, repeated motion. At a very slow or a very fast speed, using a variety of different waveshapes, including a random one. Make your sound sway gently like the ocean, or flutter like a butterfly.

Enchanting effects
As if the richness and harmonics of the FM and sub synth isn't enough, you also get a neat set of effects that will send your sound on a journey through time and space. Add liberal amounts of chorus, delay, and reverb if you want your sound huge and teeming with echoes, or go lightly on the effects for a more subtle sonic enhancement. There is also an overdrive if you want even more wayward frequencies.

Ride the arpeggios
Whether you want a simple ratchet or a melodic roller-coaster of an arpeggio, it's right there at your fingertips. Set your notes in motion, control the order, speed, length, offset, and octave range, and propel your melodies to new dizzying heights.

The power of song
With Song Mode you can create, edit, and play compositions made up of dozens of your patterns. This makes it a hugely useful feature for all kinds of scenarios and for all kinds of artists.

Put together a deeply customizable backing track, leaving your hands free for other sweet gear. Extend beyond the limits of the 64-step sequencer. Create entire set-lists in a single song. And that’s only scratching the surface of Song Mode’s possibilities.

A galaxy of presets
Digitone comes packed with grade-A content, designed to be the perfect starting block for your explorations of the FM universe. You get a whopping 512 sounds, ranging from the FM staples to wild and extraordinary out-of-this-world sounds created by Mark Fell, DivKid, Hizmi, Zabutom, and many more.

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