Sine Patch Cables Braided


The original Sine o-ring patch cables were carefully designed in New Zealand. Made to overcome the aesthetic challenge for users who like a monotone system, whilst still being able to efficiently identify the lengths of their cables.

Simply because we care about preserving the culture of electronic music. All of the profit from your purchase will contribute towards supporting the Sine Community, which will enable electronic music enthusiasts to share knowledge, inspire and collaborate.

The unique two part moulded design that was utilised allows for a robust and compact connector whilst having a coloured o-ring to identify the individual cable lengths. This idea was born out of a desire to have a single colour cabling system, however our users have proven that it can be useful to segregate independent signal flows such as control voltage used for modulation, gates or triggers and v/oct.

To provide the opportunity described above, these cables come in a variety of colours. Shades of grey and a couple of distinct colours to make them stand out in the dark. Both in the studio and during live performance, these cables will allow you to optimise and personalise your Eurorack system.

The Sine o-ring patch cables are available in braided and PVC versions and come in a very similar colour scheme, for you to mix and match. The amount of cables per package are specified when selecting the length as units.

  • Mono TS 3.5mm connectors
  • Gold plated tips for longevity
  • Color coded lengths by using a two part moulded design
  • Tapered strain relief for flexibility
  • High quality shielding to ensure low noise & interference
  • Short connector design which allows for shallow patching
  • Free cable zip tie with Sine logo included
  • All profits go towards the Sine Community

Developed in Aotearoa, New Zealand by people who 🖤 sound

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Status In stock
Manufacturer Sine Community
Available Colors
Dark Grey
Light Grey

Available Variants
PVC Material
Braided Material

Units per package
7cm, 6 cables
15cm, 5 cables
30cm, 5 cables
50cm, 5 cables
80cm, 4 cables
100cm, 4 cables
120cm, 4 cables
150cm, 4 cables
200cm, 3 cables
300cm, 3 cables

O-ring colors
7cm, Grey
15cm, Yellow
30cm, Black
50cm, Orange
80cm, Red
100cm, White
120cm, Blue
150cm, Green
200cm, Pink
300cm, Purple
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