Meng Qi Wingie 2

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The second iteration of the short lived Wingie, now with solid aluminium chassis. Wingie2 is a handheld stereo resonator with on-board microphones that also double as a development platform. Interact with and enrich sounds from instruments and vocals as well as the sonic environment around you.

Now presented in a sleek and solid enclosure, the Wingie2 from Meng Qi is a stereo resonator improving upon the original. Offering a more practical and portable format, the Wingie2 is meant for processing external audio to create singing resonances that form based on one of the four modes. These modes conjure a wide array of resonating frequencies for different timbres and emulations of real-life resonating material. Whether using the onboard microphones or an external line-level stereo source, the Wingie2 provides loads of control to shape and almost purify the incoming sound.

The three faders control the mix between the dry and effected signal, how loud the resonated signal is, and how long the resonance rings out—ranging from 150ms to 10 seconds. The onboard keyboards offer stereophonic harmonizing for performing in real-time and the TRS MIDI input allows for furthering your sonic tailoring to an external device or sequencer. Offering brilliant sonic exploration in a simplified and compact format, the Wingie2 from Meng Qi is a solid and unique effects processor to add to anyone's effects collection.


Stereo resonator
Process incoming signals via the on-board microphones or line-level input (3.5mm TRS)
Individual stereo channel processing for octave switching and mode selection (bar, string, special, and poly)
Fader controls include output volume, decay of resonance, and mix control
On-board dual-keyboard for controlling the resonator's pitch and harmony
3.5mm TRS MIDI input for external pitch control and sequencing
USB-C functionality and power

Note: Silver option not available anymore as this was Version 1, the Black option is Version 2 of the Wingie.
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Manufacturer Meng Qi
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