Geosynchronous Synths GS1-M

Switchable averaging or summing mixer

Typically, with audio signals, you want to provide a unity gain style mixer, i.e. the signals are mixed, or as we call it here, averaged, while maintaining a common gain across all signals. So you keep the same volume essentially. Sometimes you may want to boost the signal and sum the gain. The mixer provides both, via the switch at the top.

Most of the time, when mixing CV signals you want them to add up, i.e. if you wanted to shift the octave of a V/Oct CV signal, you could add 1v or 2v etc and provide the octave shift. Here you want to sum the input signals, and so the mixer can do that as well. You can of course use the summing or averaging mode with either CV or Audio, or both. A simple 6hp utility module with 4 inputs and one gain adjustable output.
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Manufacturer Geosynchronous
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Functionality Oscillator VCO
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