Erica Synths Black Sequencer

The Erica Synths Black Sequencer takes classical modular sequencing to the next level by adding tons of features required for contemporary modular synthesizers.


4 CV/GATE/Modulation tracks
Clock and Reset In/Out
16 encoders for easy sequence input
Up to 64 steps per pattern
Song mode – up to 64 patterns in chain, each pattern can be repeated up to 32 times
Note, Glide, Gate length and Modulation adjustment per step
Probability, repeats and ratcheting per step
Microtonal tuning
Adjustable shuffle per track, shuffle mode customization
Timing divisions/multiplications per track
Built-in quantizer
Random pattern generator
16 banks of 16 pattern memory
SD card slot for backup and firmware updates
The Black Sequencer features 4 channels with CV, gate and modulation outputs, up to 64 step sequences that can be chained into songs, independent track time divisions, multiplications and lengths. It includes a built-in quantizer, LFOs, envelope generators, parameter randomization, a MIDI in/out and many other features essential for composing and performing electronic and experimental music. Even though it provides many programmable parameters per step, it’s intuitive, easy and straightforward to use, and we believe that it will become a master controller for many modular setups.

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Status In stock
Manufacturer Erica Synths
Functionality Low-freq Oscillator LFO, Random source, Sequencer, Envelope Generator, Modulation Source, Drum machine, Clock
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