Bastl Instruments Skis II

Skis II is a dual voltage controlled decay envelope with a dual VCA.

Both envelopes and VCAs are normalized, but they can be used independently. The decay envelopes are exponential, and they can also be set up as release envelopes. Both VCAs are linear.

Dynamic percussion made easy
A typical application of Skis is to take two signals (noises, for example) and generate percussive sounds with adjustable DECAY from them with a TRIGGER signal.

Skis II is a complete makeover of the original Skis module. It has a more robust and cleaner VCA architecture, a new dynamic voltage controlled decay envelope, and a few more little tweaks.

dual voltage controlled decay envelope
decay times range from 8ms to 3s
gate/release mode for the envelope (by jumper)
normalized triggers
LED indication of the envelopes
dual linear VCA (ENV OUT is normalized to VCA CV IN)
tambourine bend jumper
solder jumpers for further hacking

Technical Details
5HP width
24mm deep (skiff friendly)
power consumption: +12: 40mA, -12: 35mA
PTC fuse and diode protected 10-pin power connector
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Manufacturer Bastl Instruments
Status In stock
Functionality Amplifier VCA, Envelope Generator
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