Volsef eurorack rails (Pair)

Pair (2) aluminium eurorack rails.

Included in the package is:

-1 Pair of the selected length rails
-4 Counter-sunk mounting screws to connect the rails to your case

Sold separately, but highly recommended are:

- Slide nuts to mount your modules to the rails (5mm height)
- ABS eurorack mounting end brackets (Black)

These rails are self-tapping with the included screws. For custom lengths, please email: [email protected]

84HP rails: 
Length: 427mm | Height: 7.5mm | Depth: 26mm

104HP rails: 
Length: 528mm | Height: 7.5mm | Depth: 26mm

126HP rails: 
Length: 640mm | Height: 7.5mm | Depth: 26mm

168HP rails: 
Length: 853mm | Height: 7.5mm | Depth: 26mm
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