Noise Engineering Zularic Repetitor

Four-channel rhythm generator based on African music theory

Zularic Repetitor is an 8HP rhythmic gate generator based on African music theory. A core pattern forms the basis and variation is achieved by offsetting this pattern in time relative to the base. Zularic Reptitor contains 30 mother rhythms from African, Indian, Latin, Funk and Rock roots. Each pattern outputs four parts and allows the offset of three parts relative to the mother rhythm via CV and knob. ZR requires only a beat clock to run, but also includes a measure / reset input to make sure all your parts remain in sync.

Also included are two special modes. One turns Zularic Repetitor into a 3 section CV/knob controllable clock divider. The other is a random gate generator where the probability is determined by the knob/CV.

Size and power:
8 HP
+12v: 50ma
-12v: 5ma
+5v: 0ma

Zularic — of Zulu — from Zulu Zulu "the Zulu people" often misused to represent all people of Africa

Repetitorrepeater — from Latin repetito"repetition" with suffix -tor forming a noun "thing which repeats"

"Rhythm repeater"
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Status Pre-order
Manufacturer Noise Engineering
Functionality Sequencer, Clock
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