Noise Engineering Vox Digitalis

Intuitive 1-16 step pitch-CV sequencer with pattern saving and randomization

Small, easy-to-program sequencers are a bit of a rarity. Vox Digitalis is our answer to this issue. With intuitive displays and simple controls, Vox Digitalis is perfect for all your pitch CV needs. Set your sequence length, dial in each note, randomize, save and load 16 sequences -- Vox Digitalis does all the stuff the big sequencers do, just in 4hp. Flip a switch to play your sequence forward, backward, or as a pendulum. Use the reset input to be sure that your pitch sequence is always exactly where you want it.

Size and power:
4 HP
+12v: 50ma
-12v: 5ma
+5v: 0ma

Vox - from Latin for voice

Digitalis - from Latin for belonging to a finger; also a plant that will kill you.

"Vocal finger of death"
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Status Pre-order
Manufacturer Noise Engineering
Functionality Random source, Sequencer
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