Instruo Cuir

The Instruō cuïr is a final stage output module designed to interface with professional audio equipment outside of the modular synthesis ecosystem. Modular level signals are very high amplitude and often too hot for traditional summing mixers, audio interfaces, and guitar effects pedals.
cuïr attenuates and converts unbalanced modular level signals to balanced line level signals so that they’re ready to go into their next stage within the signal path.

Add to that its high quality headphone amplifier and individual attenuation controls, and it’s clear that cuïr is the one-stop-shop for all of your modular output needs.

cuïr | verb (trasmutation) to convey into another form, to send into or through something, to move in a specified direction

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  • Size
  • • 4HP
  • • Depth: 30mm
  • Power
  • • +12V: 30mA
  • • –12V: 30mA
  • Features
  • • Stereo modular level to ¼” balanced line output
  • • Left mono input normals to the right mono input
  • • High quality headphone amplifier
  • • Stereo input backjack for interfacing with other back jack-compatible module sources
  • • 2 x high quality 150cm balanced cables included
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Manufacturer Instruō
Status Pre-order
Functionality Utility, I/O Interface
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