Geosynchronous Synths TB-Super-O

The TB-Super-O came about by accident. While testing a pair of TB-O modules we stumbled across a beautiful phasing effect with the typical slight detune you get from a stacked unison poly…

As Geosynchronous had the design for a single oscillator core, it didn’t take too long to knock up a slightly larger module with 3 copies of the same basic Saw core generator and of course while making a Super-Saw. Geosync had to make a Super-Square too. Due to limited space, the Triangle and STS waveforms from the TB-O are dropped and again, space premiums meant the PWM controls had to go too.

Each oscillator has its own V/Oct input, so this is a kind of poly/para deal, where you can have three different sequences playing on each of the three oscillators. Or, only use the first V/Oct input and the same CV is mirrored to the other two as well.

Normalising is CV 1 -> CV 2 -> CV3, so you can break the chain at either CV2 or CV3 and have two sequences, with one pair of oscillators, depending if you break the chain at CV2 or CV3.

Tuning control is provided independently on all 3 oscillators, so detune and serious detune can be tweaked as much as you like.
Since the square really benefits from PW controls, there is one per oscillator as well.

The module mixes all 3 oscillators and provides the outputs via the Super Saw and Super Square jacks. As you may want to blend the levels of each oscillator within the Super output, individual gain controls are provided for both the Super-Saw and Super-Square.

Finally, as you may also want to use it in that para/poly style mode, the output of each of the three oscillators is provided independently for both the Saw and Square. So you have six individual outputs in addition to the two Super outputs.

This module can really go from lovely harmonic detune and phasing to demonic sounding crazyness!
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Manufacturer Geosynchronous
Status In stock
Functionality Oscillator VCO
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