Gammalite Systems Nest Tamers

Nest Tamers are an accessory for your Eurorack modular synth that assist with neatly arranging patch cables around your rig.

By positioning the Nest Tamer clips under the mounting screws of your modules, you create spots to 'slot' your cables on their paths between sockets.

By doing so, the cables tend to cluster along the EDGES of the modules, keeping the central parts of your modules clear of the usual tangled mess of patch cables.

This neater routing vastly improves the ergonomics and usability of your modular system. Great for playing live, or just making a really neat case.

The clips double as washers protecting your modules’ front panels from 'rack rash' which can decrease resale value. Nest tamers are available in boxes of 20 and 50.

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Manufacturer Gammalite Systems
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