Expert Sleepers ES-9

The Expert Sleepers ES-9 is a full-fledged audio interface in Eurorack format, making it easier than ever to connect your computer to your modular synthesizer. Best of all, some niceties unique to the ES-9 make it capable of even replacing your traditional audio interface—so gigging with the ES-9 is an ideal way to lighten your load and decrease the headache of setting up an interface for live performances.

Like its older siblings, the ES-9 is a DC-coupled interface ideal for sending audio and CV information between a modular synthesizer and a computer. Simply plug it in via USB and use it like any other interface; it's class-compliant as well, so no special drivers are needed to get it up and running. It offers a total of fourteen DC-coupled, Eurorack level inputs, and eight DC-coupled outputs—meaning that it could easily become the hub for multitracking your synth, for routing CVs, and much more.

The ES-9 also provides special facilities absent from prior members of the Expert Sleepers family. Most important among these are a pair of line-level main TRS outputs and a headphone output with dedicated volume control, making it easier than ever to create a unified live setup with your modular synth. With all of these new features, ES-9 is sure to become a staple of countless modular synth setups.

  • Eurorack-format USB interface for audio and CV
  • Fourteen DC-coupled inputs, eight DC-coupled outputs
  • Balanced Left and Right main outputs
  • Headphone output with dedicated volume control
  • S/PDIF I/O
  • Can be used as a standalone digital mixer (when configured by web application)
  • Dedicated ES-5 expansion header
  • Class-compliant: no drivers needed!
  • USB type C connection
  • Inputs and outputs support ~-10–10V
  • Expansion headers for ES-5 and MIDI breakout
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Manufacturer Expert Sleepers
Status Pre-order
Functionality Utility, Mixer, I/O Interface
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