Befaco Muxlicer

Muxlicer is a sequential signal processor designed to add a huge range of special functions to your modular setup in the minimum space.

Is divided into three main blocks: a Digital Step Controller, a Gate Generator, and an Analog Switch (a.k.a. Mux/DeMux)

The module is designed with a high “function to HP ratio” philosophy, to have maximum flexibility in minimum space.

Route any modular signal from one IN up to eight different Outs or vice versa.
Generate CV and Gate signals, been able to work as sequential voltage source a.k.a. sequencer.
Cut audio signals in rhythmical slices with independent volume.
Generate complex and dynamic patterns from any audio or modulation signal.
Create powerful Gate sequences with control voltage retriggering for each step.
Select easily when your signals act on your patch with the Address function.

Current needs: +12V: 45mA, -12V: 5mA
Width: 16 HP
Depth: 20mm (including power connector)
Aluminium, heat-treated front panel.
Designed, kits prepared and completed modules assembled in Barcelona.
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Status In stock
Manufacturer Befaco
Functionality Sequencer, Modulation Source, Mixer
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